Meta Visualiser

[EMM] News Meta Data Visualisation Experiment

[data source: European Media Monitor]



For more information please see the following paper:

Visualising Meta Data Relationships in News Articles (produced by EMM)
using Force-Directed Node Graphs (with D3.js)

Entity Relationships calculated by co-occurence in News Articles ||

Visualise Meta Data Relationships by Story feed:

or try individual stories:


Visualise Meta Data Relationships by Search query:

or try these examples:



Visualise Meta Data Relationships by Category feed:

or try these examples:



Experimental EMM Visual Entity Explorer v 2.0

or try these examples:

(Very Experimental)Visualise Entity Relationship using new Entity System developer by Leo:
//currently only work internally within the JRC

eg try '1510' for Barack Obama

Try these examples: